Quantum physics broke with the classical theories of the 19th century and has led to great innovations – today, for instance, it allows us to use mobile phones (in particular the synchronised clock), LED lights, GPS, and even lasers.

Many observers predict that quantum physics will be the basis of the next industrial revolution.

Large companies at the cutting edge of innovation, such as Microsoft, IBM, D-Wave (Google) and Intel, have been investing for several years in building a quantum computer prototype. This computer promises to be extremely fast and powerful, capable of using qubits to encode data which are much more complex than the current binary code.

Beyond the world of computing, quantum physics continues to be the subject of a great deal of research aiming to find ever more applications.
It is in reference to this prospect of a technological revolution to come, and to our enthusiasm for innovation, that we have chosen to name our firm “Quantic Avocats”.