We have dedicated resources within our law firm which enable us to provide substantive assistance to legal departments for the duration that the client considers necessary.

This assistance service is completely flexible, with the aim of enabling you to better manage your team’s workload and giving you peace of mind.
It is up to you to define the conditions of this service, in accordance with your context:
– Before the end of the fiscal quarter, you urgently need to delegate the negotiation of one or more contracts that cannot be managed by your team,
– You have not yet been able to hire a lawyer to replace a member of your team who is leaving the company, and you need to ensure a proper transition,
– You do not have the resources to carry out an unforeseen additional task as part of the workload, and need to subcontract it.

Whatever your situation, we will adapt to your timing, deadline or budget constraints.

We offer fixed-price or time-based invoicing, at your convenience. There will be no obligation on your part to commit over the long term; we know that you do not necessarily have enough foresight on the workload to be able entrust it to us over the medium or long term.

We will assist you by being responsive, day-to-day and according to your needs, in order to help you resolve urgent matters.

In practice, we integrate fully into your legal team and work in a permanent relationship with lawyers and operational staff, either at your premises or remotely.

We are your relay team for all the files you entrust to us. We work with a very operational and practical approach, as if we were members of your team .
Our clients include several major American and European software editors, with whom we have had the pleasure of working for several years. If you serve an American company, we will be able to take into account your specific problems, for example requirements specific to US law or revenue recognition.

We work in French, English and sometimes Spanish.

Our other services: