Our lawyers work only in the fields of intellectual property, computer and internet law, and therefore have solid expertise in litigations concerning these areas of practice.

We can assist and represent you in the defence of your rights. Wherever possible, we favour an out-of-court solution to a litigation. With this goal, we assist you in negotiating and drafting a settlement with the opposing party.
In the absence of an amicable dispute resolution, we can provide the following services:

  • Pre-litigation advice to assess the likelihood of successful legal action. Our consultations bring you concrete answers which go beyond the legal aspects and are in line with your goals,
  • Devising a litigation strategy,
  • Assistance in establishing evidence of the contested acts (official bailiff reports, in-store or online, presentation and defence of confiscation applications, requests for inventory, etc.),
  • Dispatching formal notices,
  • Initiation of legal proceedings (summary judgment, substantive proceedings, etc.) before the civil or commercial courts (Tribunal de Grande Instance, Commercial Court).

We also defend and represent our clients effectively when action is brought against them (infringement proceedings, unfair or parasitic competition proceedings, etc.).

Our other services:

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